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Project title: "Motorcycle all-in-one smart tour integrated road security system (acronym: STS)"

Tiko Pro is extending its portfolio of companies who have put trust in us to support them on their way to become SME Instrument Innovators within the Horizon 2020 programme! Together with the innovation experts from the company Movalyse d.o.o., we succeeded with a solution that will make a motorcyclist's experience more enjoyable and above all – safer!

Receiving 13.26 points out of max 15 and getting €50.000 funding for the implementation of a Feasibility Study, this Slovenian SME champion will in the next 6 months of project duration explore its business opportunities for the preparation of a large-scale demonstration project to be submitted under the SME Instrument, Phase 2 with co-financing up to €2.5 million in average.

MOVALYSE ltd. is a Slovenian start-up company that has devoted all its resources to safety issues of motorcyclists. The company employs electrical and mechanical engineers, all motorcycling enthusiasts who have a desire to make riding safer. Their analysis of the problem, profound research and development has led to the invention of a new intelligent, efficient and reliable self-canceling turn signal system. With great devotion to motorcycling, the company will continue to work hard and create smart solutions for the two-wheeler’s world. Join the ride!

The objective of the project is the development of an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) representing an innovative integrated motorcycle road traffic security solution, providing beyond state-of-the-art functional security features for all types of motorcycles. An additional advantage of the STS is also the uninvasive installation.

Globally, STS is the only solution enabling the export, evaluation and analysis of big data in a mobile app. The STS is addressing two markets: motorbike (elements) manufacturers and motorbike owners. Extensive research has shown that there are clearly articulated needs for a reliable, accurate and integrated security enhancing solution in both segments.

If you are interested in motorbike riding safety-first solutions, please don`t hesitate to contact Movalyse Ltd for more info.
And for a faster and safer ride through sometimes bumpy roads of EU funding opportunities, we are the expert for that :). Please contact us at info@tiko-pro.si

P.S. Read our other success story on SME Instrument 2. Phase HERE.


Aktualni EU razpisi

  • 7.11.2015 - Horizon 2020
    V decembru 2013 so se odprli prvi razpisi v okviru programa Obzorje 2020 in s tem se je uradno pričelo črpanje 80 milijard EUR sredstev namenjenih za raziskave in inovacije.
  • 31.8.2015 - Nov program nadnacionalnega sodelovanje v Podonavju
    Evropska komisija je sprejela nov program nadnacionalnega sodelovanja v Podonavju, ki bo iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj in Instrumenta za pred pristopno pomoč prejel 222 milijonov evrov.
  • 18.6.2014 - LIFE 2014-2020
    Evropska komisija vabi pravne osebe, registrirane v EU, da predstavijo svoje predloge za leto 2014 v okviru programa LIFE. V obdobju 2014-2020 bo LIFE zajemal tradicionalne projekte, Projekte tehnične pomoči, zmogljive gradbene projekte, integrirane projekte ter pripravljalne projekte.
  • 8.11.2015 - Instrument za mala in srednje velika podjetja (MSP)
    Instrument za MSP, ki se izvaja v okviru Obzorja 2020, se je začel izvajati s prvim marcem 2014. Gre za program, ki je namenjen izrecno mikro, malim in srednjim podjetjem
  • 10.1.2016 - Eurostars 2016
    Nepovratna sredstva za raziskovalno razvojne projekte v okviru programa Eurostars. Podprti bodo projekti z možnostjo kasnejšega hitrega vstopa na trg.

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